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LAST DANCE bm leong

This is also the last dance from me. Thank-you for your support throughout the years. Xie xie.

Choreographed by BM Leong ( 23/7/15 )
64 counts, 4 walls, intermediate line dance
Song used: Last Dance by The Raveonettes
Start the dance after 8 counts.

1-2           Cross R over L, point L to left side
3-4           1/4 turn right pointing L to left side, 1/4 turn right pointing L to left side ( 6.00 )
5&6         Cross L over R, step R to right side, recover onto L
7&8         Cross R over L, step L to left side, recover onto R

1-2           Cross L over R, point R to right side
3-4           1/4 turn left pointing R to right side, 1/4 turn left pointing R to right side ( 12.00 )
5&6         Cross R over L, step L to left side, recover onto R
7&8         Cross L over R, step R to right side, recover onto L

1&           Cross R over L, step left ball behind right heel
2&           Cross R over L, step left ball behind right heel
3&4         Cross R over L, step left ball behind right heel, cross R over L
5-6           Rock L to left side, recover onto R
7&8         Cross L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R

1-2           Point R to right side, 1/4 turn right stepping R together
3-4           Point L to left side, step L together
5-6           Step R to right side, cross L behind R
&7-8       Step R together, cross L over R, point R to right side

1-2           Rock R forward, recover onto L
3&4         Cha cha backward on RLR
5-6           Rock L back, recover onto R
7&8         Triple 1/2 turn right on LRL

1-2           Rock R back, recover onto L
3&4         Cha cha forward on RLR
5-6           Rock L forward, recover onto R
7&8         Coaster step on LRL

1-2           Walk R forward, hold
3-4           Walk L forward, hold
5-8           Double clockwise hip rolls

1-2           Walk R back, hold
3-4           Walk L back, hold
5-8           Bump hips RLRL

( Optional restarts during walls 5 &6 after 32 counts. )

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Dansefloor Magazine "Le Magazine Francophone De Danse Country Et Line Dance" is the Line Dance Magazine from FRANCE.  I was interviewed in February by Julia Grimault while in Blackpool, England at the Crystal Boot Awards.  This 2 full page Interview in French is translated here into English.
Ira Weisburd ... Come discover the history of line dance!
                                                                                                         Interview By Julia Grimault

We had the chance to meet American Choreographer, Ira Weisburd from Florida at the Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool, England last February.  There he was nominated for one of his choreographies and for International Choreographer of the Year.  Originally, a Folk Dancer, Ira is one of the very first line dance teachers online in the USA and talks about the early years and the particularly interesting history of Line Dance. Very open and absolutely passionate about Line Dancing,  it reframes the world of Line Dance and carries a strong message of tolerance and diversity.
                                   " Ira Weisburd and his wife Diane, attended the Crystal Boot Awards last February"

DanseFloor: What is your background and how did you start to dance?
Ira Weisburd: "When I was a child, I did not know my left from my right and did not dance ... But,  I've always loved music.  I started to dance at the University of Miami.  I got into it because of this girl that I had a crush on .. One day she invited me to go Israeli Dancing with her.  I went and sat and watched her dance for several weeks. But one evening, she pushes me to try a dance for beginners.  At first, I felt ridiculous,  but after a few tries, I really started to enjoy it.., and I was hooked!  Within a year, I became the President of the University Folk Dance Club and it became a passion, especially since there were many other young people like me.  Folk Dancing was very popular in the 70s.  Line Dancing, on the other hand, was only done by seniors. At the beginning, I was not at all attracted to Line Dance, despite the request of some of my students.  First of all, the choreographies, long before the country craze, were too simple and not very interesting.  So I rejected the idea for over a year, until I discovered what I wanted to do with my life: teaching dance.  So I opened a course in Line Dance, with the condition that I teach dances that I liked, and perhaps even create my own choreographies. That was in 1973. "Line Dance during the early ‘70’s was a rare opportunity for seniors who do not have partners to dance when groups or bands came to play for ballroom dancers. So I began writing the choreographies for all styles: Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Polka.. We had some difficulties at the beginning with the ballroom dancers, who did not accept line dancing, especially on their music. But the music belongs to everyone, and if we respect each others style of dance, I didn’t see this as a problem. Then came the arrival of the 80’s, with the explosion of Country Line Dancing which is credited with bringing Line Dancing to the rest of the world.  I was amazed to see young people now dancing this style, which strongly motivated me. We did all the popular dances that were done in the clubs. They were not all exceptional, but we loved them and danced them nonetheless. There were fewer dances at the time, but now we dance on at least a dozen categories (genres) ie.. Latin, Disco, Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, R&B just to name a few.  This is great!  I am optimistic about the future of Line Dance. I believe it  will continue to grow and improve. I really think Facebook and Youtube play an important role in this development. We can do much more to grow our sport if more of us use Youtube like our Asian friends to upload videos. That would be amazing! But I'm sure it'll happen.

DanseFloor: What do you think of the effect on country, when there are more and more dances on non-country music?
Ira Weisburd: I do not think this should be the debate. People should be more open. If the term is taken to its original meaning, then Line Dance is just a dance style which does not require a partner and people just line up on the dance floor. Square Dance is its own style with  4 couples in a square formation,  Ballroom Dancing is a Couple formation.  As long as there are people who love Country music, there will always be Line Dancing to it and the same goes for people who love Latin, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop ... why be limited to one type of music? 
DanseFloor: What inspires you to create a dance? How do you proceed?
Ira Weisburd: I first must fall in love with a song. The music is always what inspires me. A dance needs an element that is either unique and /or interesting, not to be just a sequence of steps. I call it the soul and it should flow nicely to give that “Feel Good” factor.  I never forget what the legendary Israeli Folk Dance choreographer, Yoav Ashriel once told me: "If you want to create a dance that lasts eternally (folk dances are danced for centuries), do the simple but interesting. A dance does not have to be hard to be good quality. The most popular dances are rarely advanced dances. They are the ones that get everybody up !!” Isn’t that what Line Dancing is all about anyway? 
DanseFloor: Is "Summer Celebration" the dance for which you have been nominated for a Crystal Boot Award?
Ira Weisburd: "Yes, it’s a very easy dance.  No need to think too much, steps are basic and can also be danced on a country song.  If someone finds another music with a similar beat or rhythm . ... no problem! "
DanseFloor: Do you prefer to choreograph a particular style of dance?
Ira Weisburd: "It's hard to categorize what I do I do not do hip-hop, funky I consider myself rather as a Social Line Dancer.  I choreograph to a lot of Ballroom dance rhythms. I prefer the traditional or timeless/ classic rhythms because I think they have weathered the test of time.  When I write a choreography, I do not want to do something that people will dance a week or so and then throw away.
DanseFLoor: How  many dances have you choreographed in your career?
Ira Weisburd: "If I remembered half of the ones I have written before Youtube,  it would probably be twice as many as I’ve published.  We used to write down our steps on napkins before the internet. If you look on Copperknob,. perhaps you'll see a hundred, but in reality I have more. and with folk choreographies, perhaps more than 300 in all! "
DanseFloor: You choreographed "Cumbia Semana", which  was a Huge success in France ...
Ira Weisburd: "Yes, it was the first dance that I published on the Internet At the time , Nancy Lee (Senipadu) had made a video with her students, and  it is now her most viewed, with over 600,000 views. If you like "Cumbia Semana", you'll probably like "Mamita" my last choreography. "
DanseFloor: Do you think there are too many choreographies created today?
Ira Weisburd: "We can not stop the creativity, and I will never be the one that says" stop to create! On the other hand, as a choreographer I think we should show respect for one another.  If I like a song, I always look to see if someone has already written a choreography to the same song. If this is the case, I will pass. I'm not against having more dances on the same music, especially when it comes to different levels. But very often, we choose the choreography of the most popular choreographer, not necessarily the best dance ! "
DanseFloor: Do you think it possible, even easy, to make a living dancing today?
Ira Weisburd: "I think the opportunity is better today than it has ever been, but it is a big challenge that requires a lot of work.  I am lucky to be able to continue doing this for more than 40 years now, but I have to constantly reinvent myself. "
DanseFloor: What do you think of the future of the Line Dance?
Ira Weisburd: "Today country music is making a big comeback with new artists like Blake Shelton, The songs are very good quality and many of the dances coming out are much better than in the early years.  There are also many wonderful independent artists who are writing amazing songs  in every genre of music.  As long as there is great music, there will be great Line Dances.  So, I believe the future for Line Dancing is going to be very Bright !!  We all love to dance, we all love music. There is room for everyone and for every style. If you eat steak that at every meal, would you not get tired? Diversity is important. Variety is the spice of Line Dancing !!
Ira Weisburd was for the first time in France on May 23 and May 24 at the Casino De Dunkerque during a weekend with the Steve & Heather Country Band.

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